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Report shifts

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I was asked to do an unpaid trial shift by Lucky Beach on 20/07/2020. The employer indicated that I was expected to do this to secure a position, therefore I felt pressured to agree.

However, I was required to work for 3 hours wherein I performed the duties that another employee would ordinarily be paid for. Therefore the employee profited from my labour. The duration of the 'trial' and the requirements placed on me indicate clearly that the arrangement should be classified as an employment relationship. This means that I should have been paid for all hours worked at the appropriate minimum rate of pay in accordance with The National Minimum Wage Act 2018. This states that any person who performs work for a business or organisation of any sort, is entitled to at least the minimum wage.

I want to draw your attention to a growing trend of organisations in the UK which operate like this and benefit from free labour. They exploit the work of hundreds of thousands of people who feel powerless to speak out, who have no other options – who are often young, vulnerable or desperate job seekers. I believe the practice of unpaid trial shifts is unethical, unlawful, and should be brought to an end immediately.


Bethany Moore