Tony Rogers


Tony has multi-sector experience working in senior people management roles. He has worked in Central Government and for blue chip companies in Insurance (AXA) and Pharmaceuticals (GSK). More recently he has worked on the Senior Management Team of a growing pharmaceutical SME. Tony’s main areas of expertise are: integrating people and business strategy, managing conflict (particularly workplace mediation), managing and communicating change.

Why Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts?

“As a people management professional, I have become increasingly concerned about unethical employment practices and want to use my knowledge and experience to help those being increasingly exploited at work, particularly in the new “gig” economy. When I first heard about the Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts campaign, I was initially sceptical. Was this really an important issue? How wrong I was…. One of the first things we did was to run a survey. 70% of the 250 respondents have said they have been asked to complete an Unpaid Trial Shift. If you talk to any young person seeking work - chances are they will have been asked to complete an unpaid shift. Unfortunately, Unpaid Trial Shifts are just one of the many ways that some businesses seek to routinely exploit their workers. We also have internships, the abuse of power through bullying and discrimination, warehouse sweat shop etc. Dividend payments and senior salaries increase, whilst real wages fall or at best stagnate. I want to help address this power imbalance. I believe this campaign is a small but important step.”

Roles in the campaign:

Team member, activist, organiser