Ryan Bogle


Ryan, 17, is a college student. studying History, Economics, and Politics at A Level. As a member of a leading UK trade union, workers' rights are one of his top political priorities, Ryan is one of the three 17-year-old founders of Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts.

Why Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts?

''I joined this campaign because ending unpaid trial shifts is both a moral principle and a practical necessity. We hear of people not having enough money to get by, and in a system where unpaid trial shifts are considered the norm, even the fundamental right of payment for one's work is threatened. No one should have to work for free, and I believe saying no to unpaid trial shifts is the first step to saying no to all exploitative employment practices.'

Roles in the campaign:

Team member, activist, social media


Twitter: @RyanBogle7